Hey there! My name is Kaleb, and I take pictures.

I'm a Midwestern kid living in LA, just trying to capture life in my lens. I've lived most of my life in the Des Moines area of Iowa, but made the leap to the West Coast in late 2015 with my incredible wife.

I love capturing the beauty of the world around us, and specifically in people. Twelve Spies Photography derives from the book of Numbers in the Bible. In that story, Caleb and Joshua lead a group of spies to discover the beauty of the Promised Land, and return to give a report to Moses and Aaron. Like Caleb and Joshua, I want to experience the beauty in creation and share it with the world.

Random facts about me: I will do absolutely anything that spikes my adrenalin, I had a few Vine videos go semi-viral (just google #partyghost), I'm an aspiring filmmaker, I love a good John Cena meme, I think spiders were a mistake, farts still make me giggle, and I'm currently the only living human on earth who doesn't think In-And-Out is that great.

Hire me!

Instagram/Twitter handle: @kjseaton