Yu & Ow

We met Yu & Ow at the Oxford House in Los Angeles on a beautiful sunny summer afternoon. It was a warm (maybe slightly too warm) Saturday in September, but we were ready to go! I mean, after all, this was a wedding with a TREE HOUSE! I absolutely loved the scenery of this cute little venue! This is a wedding photographers dream come true to photograph. You can’t ask for a better place to hang the dress than on the branch of a tree that also happens to be holding a small house

We got to photograph both Yu and Ow as they got ready for their big day. There was a beautiful excitement and anticipation about them. Yu read his vows with a tear in his eye. I started to tear up just listening to him! You could sense just how much these two love each other.

Yu and Ow chose to do a first look, and it was such a beautiful moment. Absolute tears of joy as Yu turned around to see his bride. And she was so excited and happy to see him that she couldn’t contain herself! Wedding photography is never dull, and is so rewarding seeing people who love each other so deeply.

Ceremony time! I was so excited to shoot this ceremony. After all, it took place directly underneath a treehouse. The entire venue was decorated so beautifully. It was green, and lush and was a perfect backdrop for the love exchange that was about to take place. I felt honored to be there. Yu & Ow exchanged their vows to the tears and smiles of their closest friends and family. It was a beautiful ceremony and I felt blessed to have been able to be there for it.

Next up is my favorite part of any wedding day. The romantic shots. We were lucky because we got a decent amount of time with Yu & Ow, so we went up to this incredible overlook that I’ve shot at before near Griffith Observatory. It’s a bit of a climb to get to the top, thank goodness Ow was willing and happy to make the climb because the photos came out glorious! We had an extremely close view to the Hollywood sign, and then a little further up we were able to get the most perfect view of downtown LA and Griffith Observatory. It was the most perfect spot. Yu & Ow were so happy and full of joy after their ceremony. It was a blessing being able to photograph and witness it.

Meg & Art

June 22 in Glendale, California was a day that we won’t soon forget. Shooting our first traditional Armenian wedding was an incredible experience. As Meg & Art’s photographer, I felt especially privileged that they trusted me to capture their day. From start to finish, the day was filled with love. From traditional wedding celebration dancing (ALL. DAY. LONG!), to traditional Armenian gowns and dresses for the bride and groom and the wedding party. We started the day at Art’s apartment…

After Art got into his traditional Armenian wedding attire, then the party got started! This next time was filled with dancing, a live band that played traditional Armenian music, gift giving, drinking and eating! And then the Rolls Royce pulled up….

The Rolls Royce dropped Art off at the house that Meg was getting ready at. And guess what? MORE DANCING!!! This time with all of Meg’s family and friends as well. The whole day was this amazing, wild and beautiful ceremony of love and happiness. This is the wedding photographer’s dream.

Then we got our first glimpse of Meg in her traditional Armenian wedding dress. She was absolutely stunning! And, as you may have guessed, the celebrated some more! More dancing, singing, eating and drinking!

We only had a brief few moments with the couple of them and Meg individually because the celebration must go on! The interior of this house was gorgeous, with a big arched window that was perfect for a silhouette. Definitely a more moody tone here, and I freaking loved it.

After some more dancing, it was time for Meg & Art and the family to head to the venue for the ceremony. But first, there’s a tradition in Armenian weddings where the brother of the bride holds a sword across a doorway, blocking the couple from leaving until he is paid to step away. But make no mistake, he won’t step away unless the offering is good! After all, he is giving away his sister! He needs to know that she is worth it to him

We got a few minutes once we got to the ceremony for some romantic shots. I’m in love with these shots so much. The location was in this beautiful little park. It was incredible walking around with these two love birds capturing their affection for each other!

Next up we spent a little bit of time in downtown Glendale doing some portraits post-ceremony. Glendale, California has the highest population of Armenians in the world, outside of Armenia. So, as you can imagine, we got a lot of stares and cheers as we were walking around the town taking pics. Meg and Art were so fun and easy to work with and totally down for what we had envisioned for this part of the day.

Next up, we headed to the reception hall. It was this gorgeous hall in Glendale, with high ceilings and filled to the brim with Meg and Art’s closest family and friends. They entered the hall in the most majestic fashion. It reminded me of how Durmstrang entered the Great Hall in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m sorry, my nerd is showing. The night that followed was amazing. So many different performances from singers, dancers, bands, etc. and yes, of course, more dancing!

And then the night ended. My first Armenian wedding was a tremendous success. From start to finish, I’m not sure how these friends family and couple were able to stay on their feet with all the dancing they did! The day was absolutely filled with it. As Meg & Art’s wedding photographer, I felt incredibly blessed to be a part of such an incredible experience. To experience such incredible joy, laughter, and yes, dancing. I look forward to the next….

SweatFIT promo shoot

My wonderful mother opened up a fitness studio in Des Moines, Iowa and I was thrilled that she asked me to do some of the promotional work for her apparel! A thousand thanks to my amazing models, Jilian and Noah, and the always amazing The Matthew Smith for assisting on the shoot!